Middle School to Start National Junior Honor Society Chapter

I am very excited to announce that the Georgetown Middle School is beginning a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Just like its counterpart the National Honor Society ,which we offer in the Georgetown High School, the  National Junior Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes excellence in middle school aged students. While report card grades are a factor in the selection of the students who are invited for induction into this society, it is not the only criterion that is considered. Students must complete and submit an application that is based on five key pillars ( qualities).  They have the opportunity to provide evidence of how they demonstrate these qualities in their school and community  in their application. A selection committee of faculty members  will review all applications, determine the students who meet the criterion and recommend them for induction into the chapter. Four of these five pillars (qualities) are consistent with National Honor Society including scholarship, leadership, character and service and the fifth quality of citizenship is added for the middle school level. This makes sense since middle school is a very social time where students are figuring out who they are and navigating a more complex social world. Being a good citizen and a good friend to others is particularly important at this age.

Starting a school chapter is actually something we have been talking about for a couple of years and I am beyond delighted that it is coming to fruition. We have many students who work very hard in school to get good grades, stand up for what is right, actively participate in making their school and community a better place and serve as a positive role model for their peers.  We recognize these qualities in our high school students and want to do so with our younger students as well.  Establishing a National Junior Honor Society  at GMS is one of the ways that we can send the message that we appreciate the positive choices students are making and we value their hard work and desire to succeed. We hope this will be an opportunity to which students will aspire and I look forward to seeing how the application process will play out.

Many thanks to teacher Patrick Corr who has stepped forward to be the Advisor of this new venture and Principal Dan Richards for approving and championing this new opportunity for students.  If any student would like more information about how to apply, they should see Mr. Corr and  applications will be available in the middle school office.  Usually the timeline for applications is in the late fall and the induction ceremony is in March but since we wanted to start a chapter this year, we are thinking that students might be selected before school ends but would be inducted at a ceremony in the fall.  Don’t hold me to that but more information will be coming out about this.

This will be the first time students experience putting together an application on their own and we know they will learn a lot in the process. We expect there will be a little angst on their part especially in this first year but the Mr. Corr and the school staff will get them through it. We encourage parents to allow their children to lead this process themselves with some gentle encouraging and minor assistance from parents as to what might be included if students are stuck but we want the applications to reflect the student’s work. We appreciate your help in getting this program off the ground and we hope this will be the first year of many for the National Junior Honor Society program at the Georgetown Middle School.