Makerspaces Still Need Your Help

I am getting more excited by the day at the reality that we can bring Makerspaces to the schools next year with your help and the help of this community! I think it is a great way to allow our students to develop the 21st century skills right here in our schools.  Thank you to everyone who has already made donation of supplies. It is going to help us get the spaces started however, I am putting out another appeal because there are more supplies needed. Please check out the sign up genius again and let us know if you can help. We will appreciate it greatly!

Today I was privileged to visit the Makerspaces at MIT in Boston thanks to the generous time and assistance of Professor Martin Culpepper, who also happens to be  the parent of two students in our district.  Marty is a mechanical engineer who is in charge of ensuring that the Makerspaces at MIT are tailored to what the students need.  He is going to be an invaluable resource to us as we move our plans forward and we are so privileged to have him working as our partner! It was inspiring to see what he, his colleagues and the students are doing in these spaces and I am so excited that our students will have to develop these skills right here in our schools before embarking into the world of work. Over the past several years we have begun this work through our current curriculum in classes such as: Creativity, Art, and Engineering and enrichment classes such as Coding and Lego Robotics.  We are ready to take this work to the next level.  The Maker movement is a mindset that we are instilling in all students to enhance the academic programs that we offer as part of commitment to teaching 21st century skills.

Here is how you might be able to help:

  1. Check our sign up genius and sign up if you can.
  2. We need funding to purchase some small electronics, circuitry and small machines.  If you know of or work for a company or organization who makes donations for this kind of items, please let us know and we will contact the right people.
  3. Clean out you closets, basements or garages and let us know if you have working sewing machines,hand and/or power toolsfabric, arts and craft materials , tool cabinets, PVC pipe, foam and assorted building materials (tiles, nails and screws, blocks of wood or sheets of metal,  etc.) If you are not using it and want to get rid of it,  we can re-purpose it.
  4. If you know of any grants from companies so we can purchase 3 D printers and laser cutters to build prototypes

If you have donations to make and need us to pick them up, please let  Liz Marchetti at or Marianne Fravel at know and we will arrange pick up. Otherwise dropping off at your child’s school would be most helpful. Liz (GMHS) and Marianne (PB) are going to be the the contact people for these spaces as we move ahead so please reach out to them if you have questions or would like to help us on this important project for our students.

We are planning to set up these spaces this summer so please do what you can to help us stock the space. I have re-posted the information about what a Maker Space is and the sign-up genius. THANK YOU!