John and Abigail Adams Scholarships Announced

Congratulations are in order to 29 Georgetown High School students who are recipients of the 2016-2017 John and Abigail Adams Scholarships.  These students earned this honor because the scored at the highest levels on the MCAS test last spring. and they are eligible to receive free tuition for four years at a Massachusetts public college or university of their choice.  Given the cost of college today, this is a great help to students and their families should they believe that one of these colleges or university is a great fit for them.

I want to recognize the following students who are reviving these scholarships: Tate Blazonis, John Blythe, Robert Blythe, Kristen Chorzewski, David Collins, Willian Fisher, Kerrigan Fournier , Eleni Goddu, Evan Guyer, Maryrose Hahn, Kate Irons, Katya Kantorski, Nicole Kelly, Mary Laut, Erin Lichty,Kathryn Lowell, Maria Luo, Olivia Maguire,Lydia Molnar,Audrey Moore, Genevieve Moore, Charles Mullen, Elizabeth Norwood, Ashley Olsen, Henry Pareto, Scott Petrie, Allison Rhinelander, Matthew Scearbo, and Casey Smith.

These students take a rigorous course of study, are dedicated to their studies and perform at  high academic levels. I am so happy that they are being recognized for their hard work and achievement.  We are so proud of each and every one of them!