Important Bus Information and Update

The deadline for submitting bus registrations has passed and I suspect there are still some  that have not been submitted. This year we changed the process to make it easier for parents to complete the registration on-line and that seems to have worked for many parents and we thank you for your prompt response .

The bus company has created draft bus routes based on geographic areas of town and tried to make the routes as efficient as possible. In order to have a realistic count of students  who might be riding each bus, these registrations are important. As of today, we have placed students on buses and there are between 30-45 students on each bus which is why we suspect that there may be outstanding registrations  that we have not received.  The capacity on each bus is 76 children for elementary students. If we go by last year, there were several buses that were close to capacity .

Our goal for next year is to start the year with clear routes that will not need to change because we recognize that families count on a schedule. Central to this happening , is knowing who will be ride a bus. Just in case,  you can click here. .

Historically we have had many summer registrations which has caused challenges with routes and overcrowding on some buses. Next year we have decided  that anyone who does not complete the registration process before the routes are published and finds that their child’s bus is full, they will have to make arrangements to get their child to a bus stop on another route where there are seats  available. The routes will be published in early August so families  can  make plans.

If you have any questions please let us know and again thank you for your help with this process!

Have a wonderful summer!