Historical Artifacts on Display in Perley

Thanks  to a generous donation and  the vision of Jim Boynton Jr, there is a new display case filled with memorabilia  from the Perley High School.  Jim approached me several months ago about creating a space in Perley to display sports trophies and pictures  some of which  were  recovered from the basement of

Perley trpohy case

the Middle High School and others came from a collection kept by his father, former Georgetown High School Principal James Boynton who served this town proudly as an educator for many many years.  Whenever I  hear anyone speak about this beloved Principal ,  they  have a story about him that they will never forget. When he passed away at the young age of 103, he left a legacy that was far-reaching and so impactful that his name will always be synonymous as someone who led by example and lived a principled and ethical life.

His son Jim wanted to ensure that these cherished momentous could be displayed in a fitting and more permanent way so he donated the funds for this beautiful display case, personally cleaned the trophies and artistically arranged the artifacts in the case . It was a labor of love and, through his vision, the town has a lasting way to preserve and protect these treasured memories.

I have been told that years ago many trophies were auctioned off and local Georgetown residents may have them in their homes. I believe that Jim told me that there are 10 trophies unaccounted for in this collection at Perley. If any residents have any Perley High School trophies that they would like included in this town-wide collection, please let Jim Boynton know or bring it by Perley and we will be sure that it gets added to the case.

I am so happy that the historic Perley School is becoming a true community center and an asset to the town by housing the Athletic  Hall of Fame , the Georgetown Senior Center and the Perley Preschool  and now this wonderful display that recognizes the accomplishments  of athletes who proudly  represented  Perley High School in the past. Thanks to Jim Boynton Jr for his vision, generosity and tenacity in getting this project done and to Mike Anderson, Director  of Buildings and Grounds who worked closely with Jim to bring this project to fruition. It is a true town treasure! Check out the picture and  please come by the school to see it in person.