Happy National Coffee with a Cop Day Officer Olshefsky

October 4th was  designated as National Coffee with A Cop Day! Yesterday  morning there was a little reception for our very own School Resource Officer Henry Olshefsky at the GMHS Royal Brew Cafe.  We love Officer Olshefsky and are very grateful for his service in the schools. He does so many things  to help us including but not limited to assisting the administration, staff and students, teaching classes  about safety and anti-bullying , being a presence at events and within the lunchrooms to build positive relationships with our students and overall just being a positive role model for everyone.

We are truly blessed in this town to work in close partnership with the Georgetown Police Department, beginning with Chief Donald Cudmore but including the command staff and each and every officer in the department. They have always made being responsive and keeping the school safe as a very high priority! Thank you also to the town officials who made funding for the School Resource Officer possible. It is an invaluable resource for us and Officer Olshefsky is a class act and a great addition to our schools!

Happy National Coffee with a Cop Day to all our friends in blue and especially to our very own Officer Olshefsky.