GMHS Model UN Club To Attend Local Competition

I am so excited to announce that the GMHS Model UN Club ( second year) is attending its first conference of the 2019-20 school year tomorrow Saturday December 14th at Saint John’s Prep.  A number of the students will have some experience with how Model UN works from last year but we have other students who will be attending as delegates for the very first time!

Across the board, our 27 delegates will be representing 24 different countries, and will be debating numerous world issues including Access to Higher Education in Africa, Economic Diversification in the Middle East, Future of the European Union, Rights of Prisoners, Ukraine Crisis, China/Hong Hong Crisis, Ethnic Cleansing in the Nanjing Region of China, The Rights of the Disabled, Vaccines, Development of Global Trade, and others.  I am sure it will be a very exciting day of learning about the legislative process and the chance to use the 21st century skills that our students learn to be successful in their world.  I believe that raising awareness of world issues is a wonderful backdrop for powerful learning!

Thanks to the Club’s wonderful Adviser high school teacher Sandra Schwarzkopf for her tireless commitment to working with these students and preparing them to be successful delegates.  I want to wish them the best of luck tomorrow and I am so pleased that we are able to offer our students this wonderful opportunity!

They are students who will be participating in tomorrow’s event will be:
Cooper Anderson, Ellie Bancroft, Keilan Birmingham, Olivia Claire, Ana Collins ,Gretel Devendorf, Jesse DeWeese-Boyd, Sophia Ferraguzzi, Katie Hermanson,
Nick Hiltz, Fiona Jannell, Maggie Kosciuszek, Paige Lichty, Juliette Maloberti,
Madison McClung, Madeleine Mogavero, Madison Molis, Anna Moore, Lillian Mullen, Gabrielle Riel, Garrett Sedgwick, Nick Sexton, Tara Stevens, Lindsay Umenhofer, Julia Walsh, Jei Yeaton, Connor Young

Many of these students  are also planning to attend the Boston College 3-day (weekend) conference in March!  I also want to thank teachers Jeff Cloak and Carolyn Giannini for chaperoning Saturday’s event and serving as the students’ cheering section.

Carol Jacobs <>

12:57 PM (23 minutes ago)

to Sandra
This is so awesome Sandra! Thank you for sharing and I wish all of the students the best of luck! Is this a day long conference?