Georgetown Theater Workshop Alive and Well At Perley!

You may or may not have heard about them but there is a group of the most hard working, tenacious and dedicated local actors I have known in a long time  operating out of the Perley School and performing on the Perley stage.  They are called the Georgetown Theater Workshop and they have been in operation  for many years formally working out of the top floor of the Pentucket Workshop in Georgetown. For the last two seasons they set up shop at Perley and we are delighted that they have a new home!  When we opened the new Penn Brook School and moved the kindergarten and first grade students  to new school, the stage in Perely did not get much use. When we learned that the Georgetown Theater Workshop was looking for a new place to call home, we were delighted to make this space available to them. They have been wonderful partners and they do wonderful work.

Several years ago I learned that they existed when I went to one of their productions , The Sensuous Senator,  in the Pentucket Workshop building. While not a play I had ever seen,  it was so hysterical and acted so well that I remember thinking what a treasure this group was to Georgetown.  I must say I never never laughed so hard at a play in my life!  So when I heard that they were looking for a venue to call their own, we worked together and made an arrangement that allowed them to come back to Georgetown where they belong.

For the past two seasons, they have produced three excellent productions  on the Perley stage. They typically do three shows a year and they do a really great job. They know their business and they have everything organized like a well oiled machine.   This is excellent community theater and I want to be sure that people know about them and encourage everyone to  check out their productions.   They have a website where you can find out more about their work. You will definitely not be sorry!

This weekend they will be performing the production of Sandbag Stage Left or One Dead Dolly by Timothy Howard. I have seen it and it is hilarious so I would love to see a big crowd come out and support the hardworking actors and directors of the Georgetown Theater Workshop  this weekend. I am so pleased to know them and have the chance to appreciate and support their great work! Now that the  stage is no longer used for student performances, it is great to see it used as a venue for  community theater. I urge you to follow their website and check out one of their shows.