Final Bus Update

I spoke to the bus company this morning and the good news is the routes are almost finalized based on the current registrations. As we have stated many times, our goal is to be able to publish the routes earlier in August and not have to change them several items due to last minute registrations and overcrowded buses.

If you have not yet registered , use this link and Barry Belanger will work with you to register even if you can no longer find the original e-mail that was sent out with information about your child’s unique ID. Barry will have that and he can plug it in for you.  The routes will be finalized by the end of the first week in August and published during the week of August 13th.

If you have already registered, Barry Belanger will be sending bus passes in the mail once the routes are published so you should definitely have them for the first day of school.

Just a reminder that registrations are being honored in the order they are received after the deadline and, at this point, the bus capacity has not been reached on any of the buses. However, you should also be aware that once the buses are filled, anyone who has not registered will be assigned to the closest bus stop to their residence that is not filled. I know this will be inconvenient but having to change the routes multiple times in the last three years once the routes were established has been a hardship for many people. Hopefully this year that will not be the case but the bus company asked me to remind people to register before August 5th at the latest.

I am looking forward to the best year ever concerning bus transportation and thank you for working with us to ensure that this will be the case. Any questions feel free to contact any of the following people. Barry Belanger at, or Carol Jacobs at

Here is the registration link