Elm Street Project Update

We have been notified by Peter Durkee that Brook Street will be closed on Wednesday, August 30th at noon then should be re-opened on Thursday, August 31st.


Please be aware that Elm Street is still under construction. Elm St. is paved all the way and open in both directions for vehicular traffic, but for school traffic only.  Except for the crosswalk in front of the school, lines have not been painted on the road and traffic/safety signs are not reposted.

The sidewalk from East Main St. to the school is passable, but be aware it is packed dirt/gravel. There are NO SIDEWALKS FROM CENTRAL ST TO THE SCHOOL and that end of Elm St is closed to pedestrian and bike traffic. There will be a crossing guard, beginning at 8:15, at the entrance to the school to cross children from the East Main St entrance.

Please be patient and allow extra time to get your child to school for the 8:40 start time, as traffic will be slow-going.