Eighth Graders Moving on the High School

A big congratulations and shout out to the 8th grade students who are moving on to their high school years in the fall!  Our students have persevered  through two  years  of  middle  school and today’s moving on ceremony  is a recognition of their hard work and preparedness to take the next step.  While  we  know  this  is  just  the  beginning  of  their  academic  careers,  it is important to commend them on what they have accomplished and to tell them formally how proud we are of them individually and as a group  It is definitely an exciting time made a little less anxious because most students will be returning to the same school next year however, the move from 8th grade to freshman year is significant. The last leg of the high school journey is where it counts . Students accumulate credits toward graduation, classes are leveled ( college prep, honors and advanced placement), teacher’s have higher expectations for performance, the options expand  and discussions about future plans come onto the landscape. These are all great things and the students are ready for the challenge and the staff  is poised and ready to assist in this important transition.

Today’s ceremony is an important tradition and I want to thank Principal Lucia, Assistant Middle School Principal Heidi Mongeau and the middle school teachers for the care and guidance they provided to these student to prepare them for today’s ceremony and the next stage.  The middle school age can be a challenging stage in a student’s development but thank goodness these talented educators understand this and embrace working with young adolescents who are finding their way along their path to growing up.

I urge all of the 8th graders to enjoy their high school years but also to use them to build toward their future whatever that might be.  They want to consider the courses they take carefully, focus on their studies , join clubs and activities, pursue their areas of interest, give back through community service and be good citizens who are involved and  committed to making the school the best place it can be for themselves and their peers.

So off you go 8th graders (and Mrs. Mongeau and Mr. Lucia) and in the words of Dr. Seuss…

Have a wonderful summer! We are proud of you all!