Credit for Life Fair – A Big Success

Again for the second year in a row, all students in the Senior class attended the Credit for Life Fair at Perley. This was organized by Business and Technology teachers Lisa Ryer and Mary Lyon. They were joined in partnership with TD Bank and close to 40 volunteers who were on hand to simulate a real life scenario with students. After selecting and researching a career , including the starting salary, the students were given a monthly budget. Using this parameter,  they traveled from booth to booth making decisions on housing, insurance, travel and personal care expenses.  In order to represent unanticipated expenses, they had to face the “Wheel  of Misfortune” to determine the impact of unexpected expenses on their monthly budget. I thought you might like to see the video that was produced about the event. Clearly students found the experience enlightening and hopefully it provided them with a glimpse into the life decisions they will have to make as they move on to the next stage in their lives.  This event , along with the financial literacy courses which are required  for all students to graduate, will be useful to them and I wish I had this type of opportunity when I was a senior. Thanks to all  of the organizers and volunteers who made this experience happen for our students.

Enjoy the video