Connecting Technology to the Curriculum – A Great Example

I recently had the chance to speak with World Language teacher Amanda Girard about a project she felt very excited about and I want to share it as a good example of ways that our teachers are integrating technology into their curriculum using a project based approach. The district has been working on increasing student’s access to technology as a tool for working and learning and it’s integration into the classroom for the past several years . We are fortunate to have three talented teachers working full or part-time as Technology Integration Specialists who work side by side with teachers to make these connections.  Amanda is a world language teacher that teaches Spanish.  In all of her classes, she works on grammar, vocabulary and teaches students how to read and write in Spanish. Amanda wanted to create a project that would teach these important skills and would be engaging for the students so she worked with Liz Marchetti, one of the Tech Integration Specialists  at the MHS and designed a t-shirt making project. Each of the students had to research and / or create a message, saying or motto, translate it into correct Spanish and create a design using correct grammar and knowledge of the language that could be transferred onto a t-shirt. Using vinyl and tools from the Maker Space, the students made some amazingly creative t-shirts showing their knowledge of Spanish and their use of 21st century learning skills. Amanda sent me some pictures of the finished products of which the students were very proud! They were able to tap into their own interests and creativity and use technology and the design process as a tool to help them create something of personal value to each of them. I guarantee that the students learned more by doing this project than they would have by using a more traditional approach to mastering the objectives.  We know that learning in the 21st century calls for creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaborating with others and the ability to innovate when learning essential skills and content and these were all at play in this activity.  Amanda and her students were excited and proud about the end products and also enjoyed the process.  Check them out! #learningforlife, #21stcenturyskillsinaction