Changing the World One Student At A Time

Middle High School Art teacher Debbie Gray recently shared with me a response she received from Ryan Egan who is the Portrait Program Coordinator for the Memory Project.  This project  invited students across the United States to create portraits of young people in Pakistan to spread international friendship through the arts. We had two students , Lily Anderson and Alaya Shah, participate this year and I could not be more proud of their participation in this wonderful project.  Mr. Egan wrote,” I’m so pleased to let you know that the portraits you created were delivered to the children in Pakistan, and they absolutely loved them!  As you will see in the following video, the children were so excited to receive your artwork and very touched by your efforts.  They fully understood that creating the portraits was a way to show them how much you care about their well-being and their future.

Your students may be interested to know that they were joined in this effort by over three thousand young artists.  Therefore, rather than focusing on any portraits individually, the purpose of this video is to share the collective joy and excitement of all the children together.  We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for helping us build international friendship through the arts.  It is our true privilege to do this work with you, and we very much hope to have that privilege again.

In our mission we strive to help our students become global citizens by building awareness of different cultures and this project is a wonderful way to celebrate connection through the arts which is an international language of friendship. Thank you to Debbie, Lily and Alaya for participating in this wonderful global project!  Check out the video. It is very powerful!