Changes in the Nursing Staff

When students return in the fall, they will  see a different face in the nurse’s office at their school.  Last spring we found out that there were not enough preschool students to support the cost of a full-time nurse so in order to provide sufficient coverage to all three schools we made the decision to move the nurses to different schools and to add an on-call nurse to Perely when the nurse travels to Penn Brook.  Since there are 700+ students at Penn Brook, additional coverage is needed in the afternoon.  With that in mind , this is the plan.

Perley Integrated Preschool

Lead Nurse- Kathy Hatch

On call Nurse- Jolene St Pierre ( Jolene was the second nurse at Penn Brook last year but this year she is going to have a new position at the Perley and will be on-call  for emergencies in the afternoons. Nursing will not be her primary responsibility but she will be available for situations that go beyond basis first aid.

Penn Brook 

Lead Nurse- Mary Beth Doherty

Part time Nurse in the afternoon– Kathy Hatch

Middle High School

Lead Nurse– Louise Sherburne

Please let your children know so they are not surprised. We are confident that this coverage plan will capitalize on the strengths of our nurses and serve our students well.