Celebrating Growth

As the last month of school begins,  it is the time of year when the Perley Preschool and the Penn Brook School invite families into their classrooms to celebrate the growth of their children. While every teacher sets it up differently, there is excitement in the air and pride on the faces of everyone in every classroom. The walls are adorned with art projects and examples of student work that the students have worked on throughout the  year and every child had the chance to show their family a portfolio of their academic progress since September. I love the way each teacher and their students make the process their own and the number of parents and extended family that come is very impressive. I know it can be hard for working families to attend these celebrations during the day but it is clear that attending the celebration of growth is a high priority for them. I have always found Georgetown to be a supportive community , always willing to support their children in any way they can and this is just one example of the way they do!

I want to sincerely thank the  families who come out to enjoy the celebration of growth. I know it means a lot to the staff and to the children. We appreciate your support!