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LloJust wanted to let you know you can follow me on  Twitter  @carolcjacobs . I post regularly there as well as on this blog which automatically connects to District’s Facebook page.  The goal is to communicate with all of you as regularly as possible and I welcome additional ideas should you have any.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I would like to wish our teachers a very Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! While it is nice that we take time every year at this time to celebrate them, they deserve to be celebrated EVERY day for the tremendous sacrifice, commitment and passion that they bring to their work each day! There is no doubt that the influence of a great teacher can affect a student’s life forever.  I still remember many of the teachers I had in school (I know that was a while ago) and while I many not remember all of the content they taught me, I do remember how they made me feel as a learner and a person.  It was the things they did to build my confidence, the way they knew just how to challenge and encourage me at the same time and the way they always let me know that I was important to them even though they had many other students to which they had to do the same thing.

When I became a teacher, I made it my business to create those same conditions for my students and I hope that I am remembered  as a teacher who taught them life skills and content in a way they could learn, gave them the confidence to push through adversity and challenges and let them know that I cared about and believed in them no matter what!  I am sure if we all look back at our education, we can remember some favorite teachers that influenced us to become the people that we are today. This is the power of a teacher!

Some people think teaching is easy! I can assure you that it is not.  Teachers don’t teach because they are going to get rich or they have the summers off (because many teachers do not). They do it because they know that they make a difference in the lives of children who are , in fact, our future. Every day they face challenges whether it be adapting to changing standards, trying to do more with fewer resources and striving to meet the  needs of EVERY student. This is a fact of life for our teachers and I applaud them for never giving up despite the obstacles that can often be put in the way.  I am so grateful for their resilience, patience and tenacity and their ability to be role models, coaches as well as teachers!  For me choosing to become an educator (40 years next year) because I have the opportunity do the most important work in the world! Teaching and supporting teachers and students is extremely rewarding!

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to work alongside the dedicated, talented and committed teachers in this great district . They make me so proud to be their colleague and I hope you will find some time this week to let them know how much you appreciate the work they are doing with your child.  Believe me, a kind word of thanks goes a long way!

Hats off to all of the wonderful teachers in Georgetown and beyond!   THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making the world a better place.


Reminder: Advertising on the Turf Field

Do you have a local business or work for a company that would like to purchase an advertising banner that will hang on the fences around the turf field? If interested, please contact Michael Anderson at andersonm@georgetown. for more information.

Congratulations to the GEF Award Winners

The GEF Gala last Friday night at the Pierce Farm at Witch Hill in Topsfield  was a great success! This new venue was comfortable and quaint with plenty of space for mingling and snapping up some great auction items.  There were so many generous donations and I would like to thank everyone who helped us out this year!

A big highlight was the awarding of the grants and the announcement of the two award winners for excellence in teaching and community support. This year we are  pleased to see two wonderful people recognized and there could not be two more deserving people . Penn  Brook guidance counselor Elizabeth Carrol was presented with the Golden Apple Award and Pete Lucido was given the Partner in Education Award! Both of these individuals go over and above what is expected and  they do it because they want the best for our kids! Thanks to Stacey Lemay and Scott MacDonald who did an awesome job of introducing these award winners  and speaking about each of  them personally. They really hit it on the head as to why Elizabeth and Pete were this year’s recipients.

The GEF also presented four grants this year to Jessica McPhail, Liz Marchetti, Elizabeth Carroll and Marianne Fravel. These grant funds will go directly toward funding an innovative project in the school or classroom and I can’t wait to see these great ideas come to life. Congratulations to all of the grant recipients! Their students will appreciate the fruits of your labor so thank you all!

We are so grateful to have the GEF supporting our schools! They provide necessary funding for enrichment in the areas of math, science , technology, arts and innovation in teaching! Another great Gala is in the books but I am already looking forward to next year! Thank you GEF!


What a Show! Amazing Hero Art Show Does Not Disappoint

OoWOW! This show was amazing and enthralling    and the 350 children and adults were on the edge of their seats for close to 75 minutes watching artist Rob Surette draw/ paint  famous heroes on large black canvas with his hands.

Rob used technology as he created and  promoted inspirational messages such as never give up, you are awesome, be kind to others and you can make a difference. Using actual footage of personal experiences set to music  ,’historical songs and scenery and background music as he painted Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King to the delight of the crowd.

Fhis wonderful Show  was sponsored by our dedicated PTA Board  of Directors. I want to thank them so much on behalf of everyone who attended the show . Some of us were talking about how to convey to people who were not there what it was like and we all agree it is difficult to describe it because it was something you have to experience. I hope we will be able to bring this show to Georgetown again and if you were not able to make it this time, I strongly urge you to attend in the future. It was a wonderfully uplifting night and I can’t say enough about this artist .  After the event, Rob came out and took pictures with the students which made this experience much more special for them. He also donated two of the paintings to be hung in the schools. The  MHS has selected Mother Teresa and PB has selected Albert Einstein. I can’t wait to see these works if art hanging in our schools!

Thanks to all of the families who came our for this great show and to  the PTA for always  enriching our lives in the schools!!


Bus Registration for 2018-2019

Bus registration for the 2018-2019 school  year is now open. Check your email for information you will need to fill out the registration form, along with a link to our new online-only registration! The email was sent out Thursday morning, April 12. We ask that you complete your registration promptly if your child will be riding the bus next year. All registrations should be received no later than the last day of school so that we can build efficient, accurate routes.

Registrations received after the deadline cause delays, forcing us to make changes before routes are posted.