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Cam Coye Basketball Tournament This Week

This Saturday August 10,  the annual Cam Coye Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  will be held at the Georgetown Middle High School gym. I wanted to share the information I received from the tournament committee to encourage people to participate. It is a wonderful event that raises money to support athletic programs and scholarships and it is a labor of love for those who organize and put I in each year  including his parents Matt and Kelly and his brother Tommy. It is a wonderful cause and I hope they fill the tournament with teams this year.

Check out this information and come join in the fun!

This just in!!! A former NBA player, current Big 3 player and NBA broadcaster will play in the Cam Coye 3 on 3  Tournament on Saturday! Come on down Saturday morning to the Georgetown Middle High School to watch for free!! Games start at 7:50AM. Then, Lucky the Leprechaun, from the Celtics, will put on a dunk show at noon. What a day!
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Georgetown Royals Sports Boosters
“Building an Empire One Student Athlete at a Time”

Penn Brook School closed today due to a smoke condition

This morning at 10:20 the fire alarm sounded at Penn Brook School because there was smoke coming from the electrical room. The building was immediately evacuated and all children and staff were safely located to the fields. Additional personnel including the Georgetown Police Department, Georgetown Light , the Groveland Electrical Inspector and other local fire departments responded immediately. The Georgetown Fire Department cut power and secured the building and are assessing the situation.  The building will remain closed until a full investigation has been completed.

Meal Charge Policy


The School Committee is committed to providing students with healthy, nutritious meals each day so they can focus on schoolwork, while also maintaining the financial integrity of meal programs and minimizing any impact on students with meal charges. However, unpaid meal charges place a large financial burden on the school district, as food services are a self-supporting entity within the district. The
purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with federal reporting requirements of the USDA Child Nutrition Program, as well as provide oversight and accountability for the collection of outstanding student meal balances.

The provisions of this policy pertain to regular priced school meals only. The School Committee will provide a regular meal to students who forget, lose their lunch money, or have a negative balance. However it will be charged to the students’ account.

Meal Charges and Balances

Students will pay for meals at the regular rate approved by the School Committee and for their meal status (regular, reduced-price, or free) each day at time of service. Payment options will be delineated in student handbooks and provided to parents of incoming students. After the balance reaches zero and/or enters the negative, students will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items including but not limited to a second meal, snack, ice cream, or an additional beverage. The student will still be allowed to take a meal, and that meal will continue to be charged to the account at the standard lunch rate based on their meal status. The parent/guardian is responsible for any meal charges incurred. If there is a financial hardship, a parent/guardian should contact food services directly to discuss payment options such as an individualized repayment plan.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for all meal payments to the food service program. Notices of low or deficit balances will be sent directly to parent/guardians via weekly emails or regular postal mail at regular intervals during the school year. At no time shall any staff member give payment notices to students unless that student is known to be an emancipated minor who is fully responsible for themselves or over the age of 18. Parents/guardians are responsible to discuss personal meal purchase parameters at home. If parents/guardians have questions with student purchases they should contact food service department at 978-352-5777 ext.106 or

Parents/Guardians may pay for meals in advance. It is FREE to monitor your student’s purchases online. To get started, go to to create a parent account. Then search for your students and add them to your account. You can view the past 90 days of their purchases and payments from home or on the go using the free mobile app. If you need help setting up your account, call the Food Service Department for support. My School Bucks charges a nominal fee to upload funds via debit/credit card. Parents/guardians can also pay by personal check at no cost, by presenting it to the school food service staff. Funds should be maintained in accounts to minimize the possibility that a child may be without meal money on any given day. Parents/guardians are encouraged to set up a low balance alert on My School Bucks. Any remaining funds for a particular student, whether positive or negative, will be carried over to the next school year.

All school cafeterias possess computerized point of sale/cash register systems that maintain records of all monies received and spent for each student and those records are available to parents by setting up an online account through or by speaking with the food service department. The point of sale system is designed to prevent direct identification of a student’s meal status. Parents will receive low-balance alerts either through My School Bucks(parents can set amount) or through the food service department when there is a negative balance. If notices do not result in payment, parents will receive a phone call from the Food Service Director’s Office. If the phone call does not result in payment, the Food Service Director shall turn the account over to the Business Office for collection. Persistently delinquent accounts will be referred to the Superintendent and/or a collection agency.


Refunds for withdrawn and/or graduating students require a written request (email, postal, or in person) for a refund of any money remaining in their account to be submitted. Parents of graduating students also have the option to transfer funds to a sibling’s account or to donate to a student in need with a written request.

Delinquent Accounts/Collections

Failure of a parent or guardian to maintain current accounts may result in the referral to the Superintendent for his/her review and action. The Superintendent shall ensure that there are appropriate and effective collection procedures and internal controls within the school district’s business office that meet the requirements of law. Persistently delinquent accounts will be referred to a collection agency.

If a student is without meal money on a consistent basis, the administration may investigate the situation more closely and take further action as needed. If financial hardship exists, parents and families are encouraged to apply for free or reduced price lunches for their child and or contact the Business Office for assistance. Each school handbook shall contain detailed instructions for parental assistance.

Balances Owed with No Response by Parents/Guardian
If the payment is not received, the Superintendent or his/her designee may take one of more of the following actions, unless or until prohibited by state law or regulation:

1) Prohibit participation of student or other students in the student’s household from participating in any future fee based program until or unless outstanding balances are resolved.
2) Denial of participation in extra-curricular activities.
3) Prohibit student participation in senior week activities or graduation exercises.
4) Referral to small claims court and/or District Attorney’s Office.
5) Any of the above actions may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools.

Checks Returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
When a check is returned to the Treasurer’s Office for “NSF”, a letter will be sent to inform the parent(s) from the Food Service Director. Payment for the NSF check must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. Payment must be received within ten (10) days of the date of the letter. Any penalty fee will be made payable to the Town of Georgetown and sent to the Food Service Office. Second requests will follow M.G.L. Chapter 93, s40A. Once the Town has received a NSF check from the bank, the parent will no longer be allowed to pay by personal check, only a cashier’s or money order will be accepted.
Adult Purchases
With exception of staff contractually entitled to daily meals, Staff and Faculty are expected to pay for all meals received from the school food service department. Staff and faculty may also purchase any of our individually priced items using funds on their accounts or cash at the point of sale. Staff will not be allowed to charge any food items that will cause their account to go into deficit balance.

Policy Communications

This policy shall be communicated to all staff and families at the beginning of each school year and to families transferring to the district during the year. Information can be found on the food service department tab on the district website and/or parent student handbooks on each school’s website.

Free and Reduced Lunch

For those looking to apply, please click here.


File: EFCA

Adopted on: January 22, 2015
Revised on: August 25, 2016
Second Revision: January 10, 2019

Big Event Happening at Youth Center on July 12th

I can’t wait until you see the new Georgetown Youth Community Center on the second floor a the Perley School. Thanks to the generosity of this community, the center is really coming together. The GYCC Committee has planned three summer events for students in grades 6-9 where they can come and check out the center, hangout with friends. play games and eat some yummy snacks.

One of the big items we are trying to secure is a pool table. I have been watching the Marketplace for a table that might be purchased for a reasonable cost and/or donated to the center. I mention this just in case anyone has a pool table or knows anyone who might have one. We have a way to pick it up so if you have any information or leads about this, please contact Mike Anderson or Carol Jacobs at  We would love your help!

Speaking of help, many people have asked me how they can help. The first helpful thing you can do is help the GYCC Committee promote these events. We are sure once the kids see the space and spend time there that they will want to make this space a second home however we have to get them here first. We would appreciate it if could encourage your kids and their friends to come to the first event that will be held on  Friday July 12th from 6-9 PM  for kids who are going into grades 6-9. Follow the GYCC page on Facebook for the details of the evening. Students are helping to plan this event and I have heard rumors about a DJ, cool food, arts, games and glow in the dark shenanigans.  Should be a great time so please help with the promotion.

Another way you can help is to make a donation to help get some programs and staff paid for in the fall while the GYCC Committee tries to get some more permanent funding for the center.  Thanks to the PTA who is able to act as a fiscal sponsor for a few months, donations can be made and dedicated to the GYCC and they are tax-deductible.  The Committee is about to launch a plan to seek corporate and/or business donations so if interested in getting more information about this contact Erin Duggan. We are so grateful to the PTA for making this possible because every little bit of funding helps and we do need some money to get the center up and running In the fall. Along with cash donations , the Committee is also looking for small gift cards to grocery stores, BJs or Costco or Walmart so they can provide snacks at no cost and purchase small supplies for the programs that the kids would like to try. Checks can be made out to the Georgetown PTA and earmarked for  the GYCC.

I also want to give a huge shout out to our local Kiwanis Club for their generous donation of  tile flooring for two rooms in the center (the creativity space and the game room).  These spaces were in serious need of replacing the carpet and they approved $2000 which will cover the cost of providing tiles for both rooms. This group has always been very committed to this community and, in particular, they have been great partners to the kids and the senior citizens.  They do many things behind the scenes and never ask for anything in return so I want to be sure to thank them publicly on behalf of the GYCC Committee and all of the youth who will enjoy this space. THANK YOU!

I am so inspired by the dedication of the GYCC Committee members and all of the other people who have donated time and resources to make this great venture happen. Please follow their progress on Facebook and if you are interested in helping with programming, marketing and communication and/or budget and finance, contact Erin Duggan at

Cam Coye Memorial Tournament in August

One of the greatest events of the summer has become the Cam Coye Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.  This will be the 4th annual event and every year it gets to be more and more popular.  The fundraiser is scheduled Saturday, August 10; 2019 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Georgetown Middle High School in Georgetown, MA. Players can register now at

One of the highlights of this year’s event will be the return of Boston Celtics Mascot Lucky the Leprechaun who will perform his famous dunk show on the main courts at noon.  Lucky will be available for pictures and autographs immediately after the show. No tickets needed. ALL are welcome. Registration is not required to attend and there is no cost to attend.

To support this Year’s tournament, you can visit to add your name or business to the tournament shirts. Proceeds will benefit the Cam Coye Scholarship Fund, Georgetown Youth Community Center and girls and boys basketball programs.

Don’t miss out on this fun-filled community event.  Cam was a student in our schools, grew up in Georgetown playing GAA ball and was a kind and generous young man who left a powerful mark in his short life.  His legacy continues through this tournament because of the commitment of his loving family and a huge bank of friends who want to give back and remember Cam’s light and love of his community.  This is a labor of love and I hope you will be able to join in this amazing event. 


Summer Bus Information

Thank you to everyone who registered on-line before the end of this school year! Your prompt attention to this will help the bus company build the routes and have a good idea of the number of students that will actually plan to ride the buses. If for some reason, you believe your child qualifies to take the bus based by distance or safety OR you would like you child to access the convenience run at Perley because you did not qualify for a bus by distance or safety, please e-mail our Transportation Coordinator Barry Belanger at

Barry does not work every day during the summer but he checks his email regularly and has said he will respond to inquiries as soon as he can. We are still on track to post bus routes in early August and mail colored bus passes out to homes  a week or two before school starts.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and I look forward a smooth opening with our buses in the fall. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!