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Bus Routes Posted

You can tell when the opening of school is closer when the bus routes are published and lo and behold they have been posted on the following link

I also want to let you know that the color coded bus passes were mailed out today Wednesday, August 14th so you should be receiving them soon.

Looking forward to having a great year with the buses. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer break!

GMHS Vape Detection Program in the News

I am pleased to share with you a recent report that aired on WGBH regarding the increase in vaping among youth and what is being done about it at the policy level and at the school level.  As you may know, thanks to funding from the Georgetown Cares Coalition, vape detectors were purchased and installed in many bathrooms at GMHS last fall to serve as a detergent to  students vaping in the bathrooms. These are sensors that are triggered when vaping is detected and alerts are sent to members of the administration and the School Resource Officer. We are the first district in the state to be using them and, over the course of this year, we have received many inquiries from other districts who are considering purchasing them.  At a recent meeting of Georgetown Cares, it was voted that there will be 14 additional detectors installed for the fall. These will be located in the remaining bathrooms and  locker rooms at GMHS and in the bathrooms on the third floor at Penn Brook where the fifth and sixth grade students are located. This is being done NOT because we believe students of this age are vaping in school but the research is showing that students are beginning to vape in the upper  elementary grades  and the  middle school years. We just want to be sure this acts as a deterrent for our students.

The link below appeared in the news and includes our own Middle High School Principal Dan Richards.   Check it out!

GMHS Student Qualifies for National Competion

Congratulations to GMHS freshman Maggie Jackson on qualifying for the National Young Inventors Competition in Detroit Michigan this summer.  Maggie earned this opportunity based on her placement in the regional competition for her Invention  “Your Pillow Pal”.  Their invention is a memory foam pillow with two parts, a back and bottom support. The invention is made for school chairs and it has multiple pockets for a calculator, pens, pencils and is transportable. The invention is meant to help student back pain therefore improving their learning. Maggie says ,”My Pillow Pal is a portable two part germ resistant pillow that would aid student’s learning.”

Congratulations to Maggie on earning this honor and I am so proud that she has brought this recognition to herself and her school. Way to go Maggie!


GMHS Sponsors Women in Leadership Day

GMHS Principal Dan Richards is focused on increasing opportunities for students and bringing real world and authentic learning into the school programs as a way to prepare students for their futures beyond high school.  Yesterday, with Dan’s vision and Athletic Director Ryan Browner’s tenacity, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association ( MIAA) and our school photography company Hockmeyer with Barkdale sponsored the first in this region Women in Leadership Day for almost 85 young women from area schools.  Since Georgetown was the host school, we had the opportunity to send 45 young woman to this conference and the area schools could send up to seven participants. ( Newburyport, Hamilton Wenham, Manchester Essex, North Reading, Rockport, MASCO, Ipswich).  The participants were recommended by school staff as young woman with leadership potential and ,unfortunately, we could not include more students in this first year even though I am sure there are others who could have benefited. Hopefully in the future this event can grow and touch more students because the information and experiences that were shared are something every young women could use.

The day was set up like a conference with a keynote address from Elizabeth Hockmeyer Williams on her journey and experience as a woman leader.  Her message embodied three themes; listen, be kind and have the freedom to live the life you want. She shared her story about how she is living with a chronic health condition and how she has drawn strength from within and from her network to become the leader she is today;one who leads by example and treats others the way she would like to be treated.  Following her comments, the main trainer for the day Deb Hult from Core Trainings led the students in leadership and team building activities for the remainder of the day.  While I was there is the morning, I was not able to share the remainder of the day with the participants but the evaluations were outstanding and I believe they felt they learned a lot from the experience which was our goal.  Research shows that there is a need to build our young women up and arm them with the skills, attitudes and belief to be the leaders of tomorrow. I am so delighted that our district is taking a proactive and forward thinking approach to leading the North Shore with a program like this and I hope this is the first on many years our young woman in the region and in our school can benefit.

Sincere thanks to the people who made this day happen. It is a tremendous amount of work planning and executing a day long event involving many districts and it went off without a hitch. To Elizabeth Hockmeyer Williams and Deb Hult, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your positive energy, messages of hope, expertise and passion for this topic. You are true leaders who lead by example and embody the best in what leadership for women looks like in action.  You are inspiring and I hope all of the young women that were part of this great day will take something they learned and use it to make themselves the kind of leaders we need in the world today.  What an awesome opportunity!

Students Participate in Young Inventors Program at SNHU

I am pleased to announce that three members of Georgetown’s ninth grade class entered the regional Young Inventor’s Program competition on Sunday March 31st at Southern New Hampshire University. I was so impressed with the work of Jenna Tabenkin, Maggie Jackson and Lauren Bartlett who entered the competition with the help of Business and Technology teacher Mary Lyon who was also there to support her students. Each of these young ladies earned the right to attend this regional competition when they were rated as the top three performers at the Creativity Showcase that is the culminating activity for a course that is required for all Georgetown students in their freshman year.  There was a new feature added this year whereby students could ask to have their project judged by a panel of expert judges from the community. It was not required but out of the 30 students who put their name into the competition for judging, these three young inventors were selected to enter their project into the  competition at SNHU.  They had the chance to enter a specific category and there were a large panel of judges for each category on Sunday, again drawn from experts in their respective fields.  The winners of this competition will have the chance to go onto the national competition in Detroit Michigan this summer.

I was so proud of all of their projects and the way they prepared their pitch and prototype for their invention. As you can imagine, the higher up students go in the competition, the more competitive it is. In Sunday’s  round,  I am pleased to say that Jenna and Maggie received medals in their respective categories and we are waiting to hear if they will be invited to go to Detroit for the next round of competition. Whether they do or not, they are all winners already and I have so much optimism about the future when I see young people like Jenna, Maggie and Lauren challenging themselves to excel in the STEM fields and working so hard to make the world a better place! It was my pleasure to spend the day with them and their families! Well done ladies! 

GMHS Students Earn Art Awards

I recently learned that the art work of two of our Georgetown Middle High School students Julia Giangrande and Sabrina Culpepper earned top honors in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards Competition.  GMHS art teachers Martha Dodge and Debby Gray ,who are teachers and mentors to these talented students, shared this information with me and I wanted to share this wonderful news with the community!  The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the nation’s longest running recognition program for creative teen in grades 7-12.  This is a great  example of the talents of our students and I could not be more pleased and proud of these two young woman for putting themselves out there and competing with other peers across the state.  I urge you to click on the link below to enjoy their work and to learn a little bit more about how these awards were judged.  I also want to recognize several other students for participating in the competition and representing themselves and their school so well! Congratulations to Robert Beals ( animation), Olivia Fair ( ceramics and drawing), Cera Bettencourt ( black and white photography), Alivia Olsen (ceramics and painting) , Marin Culpepper( digital photography) and Beth Keenan ( digital photography.

Julia’s  Gold Key winning necklace was recently on display at Tufts University with other New England Regional Gold Key
Congratulations Julia and Sabrina and all of our participants this year ! We are very proud of you!