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FY 2020 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget 

FY 2020 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget  (.pdf format)

Open door monitoring equipment installed

The Facilities staff has completed the door monitoring equipment at the Middle High School and Penn brook this week.  The new equipment sends a text message and an email notice to the appropriate people in the district if any exterior door has been propped open. A big thank you to our Facilities team! They have done an outstanding Job this summer implementing the security updates thru out the district..


Security walls completed at the MHS

Big shout out to the school’s maintenance department for the completion of the new walls at the Middle High School. The new new walls and electronic latches will definitely  help make the building more secure.

Security Camera Monitoring

The school electrician and technology team installed large monitors at the police station so they can watch the school’s security cameras live and see activities around the buildings 24 -7…

Visitor management software training

Some of the staff at Penn Brook and the Middle High School were learning how to use the new visiting management software this week.  Great job by our tech team and admin assistants for setting this up.  All visitors will now need to show there drivers license or state issued ID when being checked in to the buildings, then they will receive a visitors badge that must be worn after being approved by the system.


Security Upgrades Continue!

The new walls at the Middle High School are up and being primed and painted. The window to the main office are almost complete. Great job by our staff!