Cam Coye Basketball Tournament This Week

This Saturday August 10,  the annual Cam Coye Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  will be held at the Georgetown Middle High School gym. I wanted to share the information I received from the tournament committee to encourage people to participate. It is a wonderful event that raises money to support athletic programs and scholarships and it is a labor of love for those who organize and put I in each year  including his parents Matt and Kelly and his brother Tommy. It is a wonderful cause and I hope they fill the tournament with teams this year.

Check out this information and come join in the fun!

This just in!!! A former NBA player, current Big 3 player and NBA broadcaster will play in the Cam Coye 3 on 3  Tournament on Saturday! Come on down Saturday morning to the Georgetown Middle High School to watch for free!! Games start at 7:50AM. Then, Lucky the Leprechaun, from the Celtics, will put on a dunk show at noon. What a day!
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