Bus Update

Last week I met with Cindy and Vicky from North Reading Transportation (NRT) along with our Transportation Coordinator  Barry Belanger and my Administrative  Assistant Nancy Weiss.  We discussed the registration process ,the  timeline for developing and publishing bus routes and the distribution of bus passes. Here is the information you should know:

1. All eligible riders that we know should have received an e-mail from the district with an on-line registration form. If you have not received one , please check your spam. Some people have found the the e-mail went there so please check there  first. If you can not find it, please  e-mail Barry Belanger at belangerb@georgetown.k12.ma.us

2. We have received registrations from about  one third of the eligible riders so if you have not registered using our easy registration process, this week you will be receiving a friendly reminder to complete and return the  information right away. It is essential for us to have this information before the end of the school year.

3. Barry is handling all registrations. While he works sporadically over the summer, he checks e-mails regularly but not on the same schedule as during the school year. With this in mind, completing your registration before school closes will make the process run more smoothly and ensure that your seat will be reserved.

4. We will be using information gathered last year to help determine who will receive bus slots first. If you are registered and your child rode regularly last year, you should be awarded a seat before students who signed up and rode occasionally or never. This will not negate students who did not ride from getting a seat but they will be assigned after the other students who are on the list. We want to avoid the issue that I described in a recent blog as much as we can so thank you for your understanding.

5. Bus routes are likely to remain roughly the same with a couple of small changes we are making and notifying any families that will be affected. We anticipate these changes  might involve six students at this point. The routes will be completed by the  end of July and published in early August.

6. We are planning to run the convenience run again next year. That bus will pick up and drop off at Perley School. These students will ride on bus 4 and are students who live within the 1.5 mile limit. Students who rode the convenience  run did not receive a registration form via e-mail. If you are interested in registering for a seat on the bus, you should e-mail Barry Belanger directly.  In the  past several years, we have had  anywhere from 5-8 students take advantage of this opportunity.

7. Color coded bus passes will be sent out via US mail the week of August 19th . Again next year, students  should have their pass visible on their backpacks so the bus drivers  can see them.

If you have any bus questions, please contact Barry and if he doesn’t have the answer , he will refer it to someone who can help. I am looking forward to a smooth end of the year with the busses and a great start to 2019-2020! Thank you so much for your help!