Baker Adams Scholarship Now Available

To the parents of seniors, I want to let you and your senior student know that the Baker Adams Scholarship information is available to students now. In the past, this information was not available until after April vacation but by popular request from the guidance  staff and students, the School Committee who awards this scholarship annually , has agreed to give the students more time to work on their applications.  It is an extremely busy time of the year for seniors and the time until the end of the year passes quickly with all of the obligations that need to be done.

The School Committee encourages all seniors to apply. While academic performance is a criterion, other factors such as community service, participation in athletics, clubs, financial need and the quality of two short essays are also considered.  The Baker Adams Scholarship is a prestigious award named after a well-respected citizen of Georgetown and a philanthropist who wanted to leave a legacy of commitment to the town’s children in their quest to pursue further education beyond high school, including enrolling in certification program or a two or four-year college of their choice.   Since he passed away and left the responsibility of awarding this scholarship to the School Committee, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been awarded to helped seniors and their families afford their further education.  On average, the School Committee awards $20,000 a year to deserving students with the range of each award from a minimum of $1000 to the  maximum of  a $4000 Citizen’s Scholar Award that goes to a senior who meets all the criterion but most  especially shows a strong a commitment to community service.

The application is online  and the deadline to submit an application  is May 11th at 4:00PM.  The School Committee takes the awarding of these scholarships very seriously and I can assure you that all applicants are considered very seriously. I encourage seniors to apply for these scholarships of which there are usually between 10- 13 awarded  each year and that they take advantage of the additional time that is available because of the earlier access to the application.  The link is available in the Guidance Office but I  have included it in this post as well.   The scholarships will be awarded at graduation.

Good luck to all of the applicants!

Here is the link: