Attitudes and Behavior Survey Clarification

I have received a couple of follow up questions that many of you might be wondering about so I thought it best to do a follow up post about the survey.  The survey asks questions about risk behaviors such as alcohol, drug use, cigarette smoking , depression, binge eating,  violence  and sexual activity ( except in 6th grade where these questions have been removed).  The goal of the survey is to gather baseline data both locally and regionally. The best ways to review the survey  are to (1)visit any of the school offices to take a look at the actual survey and/or (2) attend one of the parent meetings scheduled on the following dates and times:

Penn Brook 6th grade: November 8th at 6:30 PM

MHS:  November 15th at 5:30PM (before conferences begin)

Tina Los, the project coordinator, says there is some good information about the survey om the website of the  Search Institute At the top of the of the site is a tab called Survey and there is a drop down menu. Look for Attitudes and Behavior Survey and there is a parent FAQ section where you can get more information.

Tina Los has also offered to answer questions if you want to e-mail her at  She is extremely knowledgeable and would be happy to speak with you.