Appreciating Our Teachers

Earlier this month ,  the nation and our district recognized teachers during a National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Forty years ago I began my career as an educator as a paraprofessional at the Erving Elementary School in western MA and from there became a teacher, Principal , Curriculum Director and Superintendent for the last fifteen years. It has been a wonderful career and I would not have wanted to do anything else and , despite  the challenges , it has been an honor and a privilege to serve so many families and students on my journey! While many would say  I have climbed the “ladder of success” but I often say that I felt the most satisfied  and successful when I was a classroom teacher because  I knew I made a difference every day in the lives of my students. Education is about inspiring, influencing and awakening the love of learning and our teachers get to do that every day.  What a gift!  While I love my job, I will always miss the daily connection to the kids because there is nothing like the magic of being part of the teaching and learning process.

Too often we hear things in the news about teachers that do not reflect the educators I know. I know headlines sell papers and there are some people who give teachers a bad name but the teachers I know got into the profession to help children learn and become successful people. They are hopeful, positive and committed to helping every student reach their potential. Their hearts are filled with compassion and they go above and  beyond the call of duty! They inspire me every day and I am grateful to have been and continue to have the chance to be touched by so many wonderful educators along the way who lift me up and help me be a better educator and person.  Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died during the failed launch of the Challenger said, “ I touch the future. I teach” and I will always be proud to utter those words and I am sure my colleagues feel the same way.

Hats off and many thanks to our wonderful and talented teachers in Georgetown who are making a difference in the lives of their students. We are truly fortunate to have you on our team!  I hope you felt the love because you certainly deserve it not just during Teacher Appreciation Week but every day! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you do ! 😊👍