Annual Spelling Bee Held at Penn Brook

Thanks to an ongoing sponsorship from the Georgetown PTA and the Georgetown Record, student spellers in grades 3-5 participated in the annual Penn Brook Spelling Bee last week.  Once again, the school cafeteria was packed with nervous and excited family members and spellers watching intently as each student stood at the microphone and spelled their designated words. In my opinion, each one of these students was very brave because getting up in front of the crowd can be nerve-wracking in itself without having to worry about spelling challenging words from memory on top of it.  Even though a few years  have passed since I participated in a spelling bee in elementary school ( just a few LOL) , I still remember the word I misspelled and I have never misspelled the word beautiful again.  As I enjoyed the bee and appreciated the efforts of EVERY student, I could not help feel a little tug at my heart watching several students leave the stage in tears feeling defeated at that moment but it was also wonderful to see how quickly they recovered with a big hug from their families and the rousing encouragement of their friends.  I chalk this up as one of those moments in their young lives when disappointment happens but it is great to see the students coming back every year and giving it a go again. Just goes to show the resilience of our kids and what happens when they have a supportive network around them of teachers ,families and friends.  I commend each and every speller for bringing their A game and doing their best. I also want to congratulate the students who finished in the top three places for each grade level. Their performance was VERY  impressive! Congratulations to :

Third Grade
1st Place Josh Farley
2nd Place Keiran Neeley
3rd Place Christian Mayhugh
Fourth Grade
1st Place Isabela Fontenot
2nd Place Alanna Brown
3rd Place Sophie Smith
Fifth Grade
 1st Place Jonah Greenblatt
2nd Place Shea Tully
3rd Place Kevin Correa
It takes a lot of manpower and many many hours to organize and execute this event so I want to personally thank all of the parents who served on the Committee and all of the volunteers who helped in any way to make this event happen. The moderators ( Virginia Keeley-Bergson, Maureen O’Connor, and founder of the event Barbie Linares) and the judges did a wonderful job ! It was another successful spelling bee and I am looking forward to next year!