Georgetown Ipswich Wrestling Team A Class Act

If you haven’t been following the Georgetown Ipswich wrestling team this season you have been missing out on hearing about their great success both as individuals and as a team. They are currently one of the strongest teams in the league and they have been winning matches against opponents that they have traditionally not been victorious against and it is all because of their amazing teamwork, tremendous passion for the sport and personal dedication to attaining their personal best in every match for the good of the overall team. A good case in point is that they recently beat MASCO for the first time in over 20 years.  The sound in the gym was deafening as the fans cheered on their teams and ,in the end, the score reflected how far the Georgetown Ipswich wrestling program has come over the years.

I have had the pleasure  of watching this co-op program change and grow for the past ten years. I can remember in my early years here when the team had to forfeit many matches because there were  not enough wrestlers available to complete in a number of weight classes. That is not the case anymore and , in many cases, there is more than one wrestler who can step in and  wrestle in any match on any night.  The team has evolved over the years with some visionary coaches and some very talented athletes graduating and moving on but it is a true testament to this program when these former athletes return as often as they can to help the team out in their spare and even more remarkable when they volunteer to coach ! They care that much about this program!

I can not say enough about the amazing coaches that these student athletes have been lucky enough to be coached  and mentored by over the years.  Our talented English teacher  Mike Murphy who  was the head coach when the partnership with Ipswich was formed and coach Mike Curley was his assistant.   Several years into the program ,  Coach Murphy stepped down and Coach Curley stepped into  the head coaching position with Bug Larochelle from Ipswich as his assistant.  This is when I came to the district and ,in those days, the team practiced at Perley because there was no space available in the gyms at the Middle High School.    I used to love to hear them practicing and to see their coaches giving them pointers and working out right along side them , modeling and teaching them how to become  competitive wrestlers who got better every match.  I occasionally watched their practices  and attended their matches and was very happy to give them a home at Perley.  However, I always knew that as a varsity sport they wanted to have gym time at the Middle High School so when a  gym slot opened up in the small gym, they moved their practices and games out of Perley. I missed them when they left because every time I watched them I was inspired by how hard they worked and the tremendous amount of camaraderie I witnessed as they worked together as a team.

Then enter our current  Head Coach Ryan Archambault ( 4th year and 1989 graduate of GHS) and his assistants  Chris Prescott (8th year),  AJ Aulson ( 1st year and former wrestling star, Jay Nemeroff (5th year and a 2008 graduate ),  Shawn Kavanagh (2nd year and a 2011 Graduate ) who have taken the foundation of the program that the Mikes  built and brought it to the next level.  These coaches, most of who are volunteers,  are exceptional role models, talented athletes in their own right and tireless advocates for the Georgetown/Ipswich wresting program. It is no surprise that the program and this team, in particular,  is currently at the top of their game.  It is so exciting when they have a home match to see the stands packed with fans including staff, students and parents (current and former ) who are there to cheer on each and every wrestler and the show of support for this great team!

It is often common in the larger sports to see teams get more notoriety but I am so happy to take this opportunity to recognize  the Georgetown Ipswich Wrestling program  because they deserve it. They work extremely hard, always show good sportsmanship and encourage each other win or lose. They are in it to win it and  they are  a team to be reckoned with in their league and I believe in the state. Above all else , they are a class act and a team that represents the student bodies and schools from Georgetown and Ipswich with distinction.

Here are the members of the team for 2016-2017:

Senior Captains are Alex Manning, Erik Bratland and Josiah Krason.

Team manager Senior Cassandra Beals who Coach Archambault says is instrumental  in tracking all of the teams statistics and recruits and promotes the program.

John Blythe,  Jack Coulehan, Cameron Dalley, Adam Fitzgerald , Ian Forgitano Troy Forgitano, Charles Koshivas, Josiah Krason,  Mark Mansfield, Matthew Mansfield, Brandon Odle, Evan Swanton, Alan Aulson, Jei Yeaton, William Waiswilos, Zachary Ribeiro, Alan Williams, Ryan Litch, Zachary Thompson, Joseph Teixeira, Nicholas Sotiropoulos

Congratulations on your achievements and wishing you continued success for the rest of the season!




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