8th Grade Moving on to High School

This morning the 8th grade class of 2023 moved on to the high school at a beautiful ceremony in their honor. The students were presented with a completion certificate by Mr. Richards, Ms Lysen and me as they proudly crossed the stage to Be recognized. The two students who spoke did a wonderful job of reminiscing about their years from Perley to today and thanked their classmates for being friends who they could  count on when they needed it.  They expressed happiness for those who are moving to other schools next year but sadness that they will not be seeing them next fall.  The Middle School years are all about social connections and finding ways to connect with peers. School is a social place and both students  expressed that they are going to miss being with their friends as they take this next step forward in their education.

I want to congratulate all of the 8th graders on successfully completing the middle school years and I wish them best wishes in their transition to high school. Even though most of the students will be returning to the same school in the fall,  the expectations of high school are completely different but they are ready for it! Thanks to all of the adults who have helped and guided these students for the past two years . Your influence has been felt and that can be seen in the way they are ready to take the next step! Thanks to the families who joined our celebration today and who have trusted us with your children. You are raising fine young people and I am excited to watch them grow over their high school careers. To students who are leaving, attending private school or Whittier Regional  Vocational  School , I wish you the very best always.

Happy summer everyone and see you in the fall!